Very useful program for all e-marketers

Hello friends, 

today I would like to recommend you a new program
which offers very good tools.
Joining is free but you can also upgrade.
This program presents a powerful way of getting traffic to your sites -
I will not explain here details, you will find all about it nicely written inside
after joining.

Important is that the system gives you
shortening of your URLs and free unlimited link tracking
which is a powerful instrument.
You can also send messages to your downline every 10 days.
So you should not hesitate to become a member !

Joining is FREE
- track your advertising campaigns,
shorten your URLs etc.
Get more information HERE

        Wishing you a lot of success



     God will never give you anything you can't handle, so don't stress.
                                   Kelly Clarkson

                            * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.                     
                                    William James

                           MERRY  CHRISTMAS

        and HEALTHY, HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL YEAR  2019




Keep  smiling and come back here !
KEEP Margaret

Margaret Mar



Give our Earth a Christmas present !

    By using this search engine  you will contribute to planting new trees all over the world
- isn´t this fantastic ? Maybe even your Christmas tree can be replaced in this way by new ones.


       Here some quotations from Ecosia web to tell more information:
"Ecosia is a search engine that uses at least 80% of its profits from search ad revenue for tree planting projects all over the world. By searching with Ecosia, you can help the environment for free.
Like most search engines, Ecosia shows ads, so called EcoAds, next to regular search results. Those ads as well as Ecosia's regular search results are provided by our partner Bing. As soon as a user clicks one of these ads, Ecosia's is paid by Bing's advertisers. With our income from ads, we pay our currently around 20 team members, we pay our office rent, cover our server and hosting costs, make marketing and IT investments, etc. We then use at least 80 percent of our surplus income to finance reforestation projects all over the world. "

                                    Here you can read a bit more

          ***PLEASE, SPREAD THE WORD about this wonderful project ***
    Merry Christmas, Mother Earth !


Traffic exchanges again - autumn renew

Hello, visitors,
I am renewing my activity after beautiful and terrible hot summer.
In some moments the wheather was exhausting even for our computers ! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

I would like to repeat some offers of traffic exchanges - newer and older,
- there is never enough of traffic to your sites !


There are many more but these are some of my favourites.

Have a wonderful autumn and a lot of success


New possibility of advertising - get more results

      Today I would like to show you a new advertising page introduced by Marty Petrizza recently.
It offers not only the traditional way of advertising where you click on other members offers and get credits to use for displaying your pages, banners and text links but it has also an innovative feature of mobile advertising.

It started a short time ago so now is the best time to join. You can be a free member or of course you can upgrade to get more advertising and save your time.


 AdvertisingforSuccess is stepping out of the box so you should not miss this innovative concept.

Have a wonderful month of June


Traffic exchanges - which sites to put there

      If you use traffic exchanges you have most probably already experienced the situation when your site is not approved for advertising. If it is not the case it is some known scam site put on banned list by this TE there can be a technical problem - it is breaking the frame or it URL starts with https instead of http only.
       In this case you have a possibility to build a so called splash page from which you send the visitors further on. Some  traffic exchanges offer this possibility inside their member area as a free service for members. These splash pages are usually very simple, you can make them quickly. But you cannot apply a lot of your creativity.
       If you want to have a splash page different from others, more original and eye-catching you have to use a special service. There are more of them online - I myself use
This program offers you not only building of splash page but also banners of different sizes, buttons, squeeze pages etc.

        And of course last but not least - splash page has a plus that it is simple, not much text - and therefore it is especially good for those traffic exchanges which show the pages only for 10 seconds for instance. In such a short time visitors cannot consider a long and detailed information. 

     Have a wonderful month of May !


Easter coming

   In Czechia we celebrate today the anniversary of birth of Jan Amos KomenskΓ½ = Comenius, father of modern education.
Here one of his wise quotations:

"The poor without the knowledge of things, what else are than the donkeys  loaded by burdens."

So study, read, experience
                                                but first of all now - enjoy Easter ! πŸ”†πŸ”†πŸ”†

                                                 More of my photos on Easter topic here

       Wishing you nice time


Repeating about the traffic exchanges

At first I would like to mention again traffic coops - these sites give you
possibility to get traffic from many places  - you can forget surfing tens of TEs a day to get credits.
I myself use Viral TE coop

but at the same time I have more traffic exchanges which are my favourite ones
as for instance Easy Hits 4u which is online a very long time already and functions very well

or TrafficG
which has a marvellous possibility to target your sites only to some countries and to set up
the language of your site - so no need to promote sites in English only !

But these are only a few examples of the large possibilities of traffic exchanges. The only problem is - lack of time. Nobody can surf 24 hours a day, right ?πŸ˜ƒ
And not only that - you have to combine your advertising methods, TE is only one of them.

          Wishing you succes πŸ”† in your advertising efforts


Easter approaching

Less than three weeks left to Easter - to tell the truth I can´t wait till the real spring wheather comes. 
I look so often from the window to find out if the sun is coming out of the clouds that I even do not have enough time - and energy -  to send here more posts...
As I have mentioned already my hobby is photographing. You can have a look
at my photos on Easter topic here


Enjoy the month of March
as in March the SPRING on northern hemisphere is MARCHING IN !

           Have a wonderful time


Spring time near - renew your force

Outside the weather does not seem very inspiring yet. We had a row of
extremely cold days in Europe, big frosts... but in spite of it spring is approaching and Easter will be end of this month.
What about renewing our energy ?

Improve your health - after the annoying winter almost everybody needs it.
Breathe deeply...

Wishing you wonderful March


SOCIAL MEDIA ? how to use them for e-marketing

Today I would like to write something about the new social media XenZuu - see my previous
post if you would like to join - but not only about this one. Generally about all social
media as Facebook, Instagram or any other.

I have read a lot of commentaries in the last days from people who are annoyed by
facebook - but most probably not only by this one...
Marketing is a nice thing, without marketing there would not be a lot of selling/buying - but !
it should not pass a certain line... sometimes a little bit less means a little bit more !
More customers who are not bored and annoyed by the constantly repeated same offers.
Marketing in my opinion can and should  be a little bit fun, a little bit exagerration, no stupid lies ....

Some beginners in this field think that anybody can place advertising for any affiliate
or own sites online without learning how to do it. It is so simple to post repeatedly the
very same messsage with the very same picture on the wall of social media - but it
does not help !
Have you ever seen that magazine or TV would repeat the totally same advertisement
on the same page ten times? Or the same TV shot ten times in ten minutes?
No. So why people do it on they social media profiles ?
For me hard to understand.

The first consideration is simple - consider what you personally would like
to see on your friends wall in social media. Surely something new. Not all the
time the very same. After a few days you know what you will find there, you
have seen and read it already - so why come back ?

So what is my advice, my look at it ?
1. do not mix up social media with an advertising service. Yes, it can be used
for advertising if it is not against the TOS but in a moderate way.
2. social media is not the only possibility where to advertise and mostly it is
also not sufficient to advertise only there
3. If you are posting your offers on your wall make some modifications - change
picture, write a bit different comment, later write about your experience etc.etc.
- simply prevent boredom
4.don´t misuse the private messaging  for your advertising if you are not
asked for it. You can post on wall some new earning opportunity advertisement and write in comment: email me here if you want to learn more

If you will keep all that in mind the social media will survive. And we will enjoy
contacting people there, won´t we ?


Very useful program for all e-marketers

Hello friends,  today I would like to recommend you a new program which offers very good tools. Joining is free but you can also upgrad...